Friday, June 17, 2005


r0k3r51nf0 Presents: Nirvana http Bootleg Links


12-28-88 Seattle 1988

07-07-89 Bleach Out! Break Out!

11-18-89 Mr. Kurdt Cobain

02-15-90 Heaven Can Wait

04-10-90 Blind Pig Beginnings

05-13-90 Stiff Drinks

08-25-91 Digital Nirvana

09-26-91 Playing At The Moon

10-25-91 Had It All

10-31-91 Heaven Can Wait

11-25-90 The Off Ramp Cafe - Seattle, WA

12-28-91 The Eternal Legacy

01-30-92 From The Muddy Banks Of The Murray

02-07-92 Noizemaker

02-19-92 Last Concert In Japan

08-30-92 Reading Festival

09-11-92 Banned for life


XX-XX-XX Moist Vagina


XX-XX-XX Kurt Cobain AudioBook

bootlegs in red are uploaded by me, Marshy

ur mom

11-25-90 The Off Ramp Cafe - Seattle, WA

Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Daddy's Junky Music Incident

So after the MIT museum, we all went to the Daddy's Junky Music near the Berkley School of Music. There we saw some awesome Les Pauls.

There we saw a nice Marshall 100 watt tube amp.

Nathan almost destroyed it when he turned up the gain too far, and took it off standby. I estimate the blast at roughly 140 decibels. It caused silence in the store, and on the street, an the people in the Berkley School could have probably heard it. Then the clerk came to check out his 1000 dollar amp. He then set it up for Nathan, even though the guy didn't know what the hell he was doing. He thought it was broken but it was on stand-by(a reduced power phase where the vacuum tubes can warm up). He got pissed off but no one cared.


I got to go to Boston on Thursday. I took the T up there, with Nathan and Mom. Some kid took a dump in his pants on the way, so the whole train stunk. Stupid kid. Also, when we were waiting for the commuter train, I saw this sign.

Why the hell would you lubricate a fence?
If anyone knows, please email me!

So then I went to the South Station. We had to transfer onto the Red Line so we could go to the MIT museum. So then this guy gives me and nathan two free pretzel passes to the Auntie Anne's pretzel place. So then we search the entire food court area to find the Auntie Anne's place. We don't find it, so we just assume that the guy is just some crazy nut. So then, we see, right beside the guy, THE AUNTIE ANNE'S PRETZEL PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the joke is on us. And we have to buy a pretzel to get a free pretzel. So we do. Then we go to transfer to the red line subway, and I see a guy doing 'preventitative maintenance' on the escalator. So I walk up to him and say "Preventative maintenance- fixing stuff BEFORE it breaks. That's good.'' So nathan laughs hysterically, and the guy smiles a little. So then we head off to the MIT museum, which was actually pretty cool, even though most people would assume that it was boring.

BTW- on the way we saw this HUGE gas station sign.

Science Project

Today I have to work on a science project, which sucks, cuz it's supposed to be spring break. I'm working with my friend, Nathan Beattie, so it could be a lot worse. I have to do it on Petrochemical Fuels, so if anyone knows about petrochemical fuels, than email me ok?

Any information is appreciated.


Once again I have been struck with the good fortune of having a shot at a new HP laptop. All I have to do is get all B's for my cumalative grades. I'm glad 'cause then I don't have to sit at the desk to post on Citywok or play pinball.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Today I also found a cool message board called CityWok, which is about south park. If you sign up, say you were referred by simon11562, so I get mon-ay.

Also check out It's made by this unemployed guy in New York. It is pretty funny. Also watch the flash 'toons.
There is also a website where you can create Windows error messages. Basically, it is a funny twist on a serious problem. If yours is really good, you can get it in the gallery of errors. This is one that I made.