Sunday, April 24, 2005


I got to go to Boston on Thursday. I took the T up there, with Nathan and Mom. Some kid took a dump in his pants on the way, so the whole train stunk. Stupid kid. Also, when we were waiting for the commuter train, I saw this sign.

Why the hell would you lubricate a fence?
If anyone knows, please email me!

So then I went to the South Station. We had to transfer onto the Red Line so we could go to the MIT museum. So then this guy gives me and nathan two free pretzel passes to the Auntie Anne's pretzel place. So then we search the entire food court area to find the Auntie Anne's place. We don't find it, so we just assume that the guy is just some crazy nut. So then, we see, right beside the guy, THE AUNTIE ANNE'S PRETZEL PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the joke is on us. And we have to buy a pretzel to get a free pretzel. So we do. Then we go to transfer to the red line subway, and I see a guy doing 'preventitative maintenance' on the escalator. So I walk up to him and say "Preventative maintenance- fixing stuff BEFORE it breaks. That's good.'' So nathan laughs hysterically, and the guy smiles a little. So then we head off to the MIT museum, which was actually pretty cool, even though most people would assume that it was boring.

BTW- on the way we saw this HUGE gas station sign.


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